Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Cakes, cakes and more cakes

Lego Police party

Very late in posting this, its a few photos from J's birthday. He wanted a police and pizza party. He had 6 friends over for tea on his birthday after school. We played games and did a few crafts. All of the ideas are from google. Sorry I didn't save links, will do next time.

Policeman cut out, made from wallpaper and a rather large box. J and his guests loved this, it was very simple to make

invites printed at local photoshop for 5p each!

Chocolate cake, made in a pyrex dish. The cake pops out it it make a lovely large cake.

This is for the game pin the handcuffs on the policeman... :)

Home made banner, very easy made from wrapping paper.

Boys doing a craft crown/hat. I was very surprised they loved this and it was a great quiet time activity. Its made from strips of wallpaper. I made some cardboard stencils of policemen and lego. Also cut some bits out for them to glue on.

Grab a donut, twist lengths of cling film to make a narrow rope and thread donuts handcuffs child and away they go.

Easter Hat

Its not a great photo, but this is the easter hat winner! holding his much treasured prize! Top had and egg carton with eggs and chicks. Very easy and cheap to make.

Eggy windows

My boys love these, so do I! Its a slice of bread with the middle cut out. Boys like a square with the square being cut into soldiers.  Lightly fry on one side, then flip and crack an egg in the middle. Cook over a medium heat with a tiny bit of oil. Yummy eggy windows!

Monday, 21 May 2012

After saying sorry for neglecting my blog I did it again! I have taken lots of photos with my phone, I am not a stunning arty photographer! I have kind of tackled my non-sleeping toddler, week of supernanny returning very long, tedious  and tiny bit soul destroying... lol first night 81 returns to bed, and he fell asleep after 1hr 10mins. Also had a huge clear out- very therapeutic! and have a tidy clutter free house. So I'm sat down to start again, but I have a very energetic 20 month old rampaging happily at nearly 9pm at night. He has hand, foot and mouth and will not sleep. Guess supernanny starts again once he is better.